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Home foundation Foundation crack

Expansive clay soils have the unique property of expanding when moist and shrinking when dry. This variance can be as much as 60% in volume. The ground will swell and shrink according to the moisture content in the soil.


What does this mean for your foundation? One thing to understand is that you have two foundations for your home, one is the concrete slab or block and beam foundation, the second foundation is the soil it rests on.


The soil expansion and retraction process can leave your concrete foundation vulnerable to cracks, shifting, and uneven pressure which then pass the same pressures onto anything sitting on top of it, such as your house.


Bellard’s House Leveling LLC can offer a fair and honest analysis of your home's foundation. If we feel you need to have your foundation leveled with our no-obligation analysis, FREE estimates are available to homeowners. Contact us today!

Safeguard your home's foundation for years to come

Signs of potential foundation issues

  • Obvious cracks in bricks and mortar

  • Cracks in interior walls near doors, windows, and corners

  • Sagging, sloping floors

  • Doors that stick

  • Windows do not open and close properly

  • Cracks or unlevel in foundation floor or beams

Keep an eye on your foundation

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